Ideas for Exscudo

An e-commerce application run on EON network compatible with wallet

An e commerce fintech hub similar to Etsy or Etsy wholesale compatible with channels wallet with an auto exchange after integration of fiat for merchants, kind of like Alibaba or Amazon but focusing on unique quality products, with reviews, small percents of fees could go to masternode rewards as incentive for institutional investors such as banks who might want to fund the liquidity of the payments system there would probably need to be a team of people who find suppliers and verify quality to prevent the platform from becoming poor quality  wholesale platform, along with the e commerce a network for businesses in a community, a  product for local companies to exchange products, preorder or order delivery, with a delivery option that charges for delivery and takes a small amount to pay masternode rewards that the network runs on, and maybe an adaptation software for drone delivery services, if that could all be built on eon

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  • Jul 9 2018
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