Ideas for Exscudo

EON Price on login to Exchange

All of Exscudo's Roadmap, -(cards, terminals, what-ever) appear to depend on volume passing through the exchange. And at present that volume does not exist!


Some Random Ideas:


The main coins are easy to exchange. -Shapeshift for crying out loud!

What about some of the smaller coins that are bootstrapping. -


Over time:

Look at letting people trade coins based accross XLM based networks. 

Steller and related tech is actually kind of cool.


For now:

Also - Cryptonite v7 forks. - Miners want to ensure timely payments - (we all have bills) - but often enough miners will participate on an exchange for a niche coin -


- make this a niche - make it so you can set your own wallet id!

And have the nuances of the wallet id- payments export complete wallets that kind of thing. Do this well!


Miners are the only people I know who have crypto.

You need miners.

Cryptonight v7 - This will be the last market. The most important market. As asics will gut everything else within the year. And few people will be able to purchase them.


Distribution for miners.

Pools where the payout is in eon?

After liquiating underlying asset?

Or buying EON using nicehash proceeds.


Nicehash partnership?


Attract real people. A lot of them will waste your time but try to profit while scaling up.

Many coins related to this fork.

Trade Cryptonite coins for an underlying asset- huh?

Or setup betting instruments that serve the purpose of destroying the coins.



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  • Jul 25 2018
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