Ideas for Exscudo

Having two subwallet of the main wallet named Trading Wallet and Locked wallet


Problem: Sometimes, when we trade, in hurry or by mistake, we accidentally position all our fundings and asset management becomes difficult. 


Trading wallet will help the user decide upon how much digit asset he/she should trade.  For example, if a user has 1 btc and he/she wants to trade 0.5 BTC, he or she can move the digit asset from one type ie Locked / main wallet type to trading type. 

So, whenever the trader opens a position, he can only access 0.5 btc at a time to open the position. 

This seems to be rather short and minute detail, but, these small things greatly improves the efficiency of the trader and reduces the tendency to make mistakes, which we call in Japanese POKAYOKE ! 

  • Sandeep Nayak
  • Mar 19 2018
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